Once Fired 357 Sig Law Enforcement Brass

Product Will Include Speer Headstamps

We now offer a small line of once fired pistol brass. In the past we have stayed away from anything non-military to ensure our brass is once fired. However, while at my local FFL, I met the owner of a private range who only contracts with Law Enforcement at the local, State and Federal level. The range is closed to the public and everything is once fired.

This brass appears to be all once fired Speer 357 Sig but the lot may contain other headstamps.

As-Is: This brass is in the same condition as when we received it. No cleaning, polishing or processing has been done.

*We do not reload ammunition. We do not sell primers, reloading powder or bullets. There are no live rounds. We sell reloading brass only*


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1 - 4 of 4 items