Once Fired .308/7.62 Military Brass

Mixed Headstamps

 This Military 7.62 Brass is boxer primed and has crimped primer pockets. Headstamps may include, but are not limited to LC, WCC, SBS, PMJ, and small amounts of other Government contract brass.

This is all once fired military brass. This has NOT been sorted for headstamps but it has been inspected for damaged pieces.


 As-Is: This brass is in the same condition as when we received it. No cleaning, polishing or other processing has been done.

Cleaned Only: This brass is cleaned and polished only. No processing has been done.

Cleaned, Deprimed & Swaged: This brass is cleaned and polished, deprimed and swaged (military crimp removed). No other processing has been done.

*We do not reload ammunition. We do not sell primers, reloading powder or bullets. There are no live rounds. We sell reloading brass only*