Once Fired .223/5.56 Military Brass

Product Will Include TAA

Military 5.56 Brass, boxer primed, crimped pockets consisting of 100% TAA headstamps.??

 As-Is: This brass is in the same condition as when we received it. No cleaning, polishing or other processing has been done.

Cleaned Only: This brass is cleaned and polished only. No processing has been done.


*We do not reload ammunition. We do not sell primers, reloading powder or bullets. There are no live rounds. We sell reloading brass only*?


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.223/5.56 Once Fired Brass for Reloading. As-Is .223/5.56 Once Fired Brass - Cleaned Only Condition
.223/5.56 - AS-IS - TAA Only - 200 Pieces.223/5.56 - Cleaned - TAA Only - 200 Pieces


Cleaned only. No other processing has been done. 



1 - 2 of 2 items