Once Fired Brass

5.56 AND 7.62 UPDATE 3/3/15: Due to the M855 Ban, we are TEMPORARILY out of stock on 7.62 products and Lake City 5.56. A new shipment of brass will be arriving at our facility the week of 03/09/2015. If you would like to be notified when 7.62 or 5.56 brass is available to purchase, please visit our Contact Us page and leave us your contact info and the caliber you are interested in.

Limited supply of Cleaned, Deprimed & Swaged TAA 5.56 is in stock!

Due to overwhelming demand current shipping times are 5-7 days.

We thank you for your patience and we encourage our customers to share their comments and thoughts with the ATF regarding this proposed ban.

All outstanding LC orders will be filled with current inventory. 

  Welcome to Brass Bombers where you can find quality once fired military brass for reloading. Our calibers include: .223/5.56, .308/7.62, 9mm, 50 BMG and 300 Win Mag. We source our brass directly from US Military auctions. We do NOT source from gun ranges, private sources or law enforcement where there is no guarantee that you are buying once fired casings.

Our brass casings are cleaned and polished in an industrial cleaner, then inspected in a process focused on quality not quantity. We also overfill each order to help ensure customer satisfaction. 

Our brass is the first part of your reloading supply needs. We have bulk brass for sale As-Is, Cleaned Only, or Cleaned Deprimed and Swaged (which removes the military crimp). We use Dillon Super 1050 machines for all processing. We offer several quantity choices for each level of finish, but we can deliver in any quantity you may need.

We do not reload ammunition. We do not sell primers, reloading powder or bullets. We only sell brass for reloading ammunition. If you do not wish to use the web site to order we do accept phone orders and various forms of payment.



Products typically ship within 1-3 days

 Last Updated: 03/03/2015

We understand that some buyers may have concerns about using their credit card online. If you would like to use an alternate form of payment, (ie. USPS Money Orders, Cashiers Checks or Personal Checks) simply select "Print and Call" in the shopping cart. However, products will not be shipped until after payment is received and clears. We can also take orders over the phone.



  • All products sold are NOT live ammunition. These are only brass casings
  • Please consult our Return Policy for guidelines regarding the return of all products
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen to order
  • We accept no responsibility for end use of our product.
  • Reloading is a dangerous hobby. Safety precautions are recommended.
  • We are unable to ship to certain Cities/Counties where prohibited. Please check your local laws.
  • We are unable to ship to the State of Massachusetts
  • We are unable to ship to Canada or internationally
  • We are unable to ship to Washington D.C.


Please see Terms and Conditions page for other shipping information and restrictions